Community new interview with Sunny

Suggested Peer’s community interview with Sunny King once again,Please reply what would you like to ask .

What is your perception of peercoins value after 4 years and considering all the other crypto projects?

What are the top 5 most interesting alt coins, and why?

What does peer need to advance it’s adoption/perception?

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I should be having a meeting with Sunny soon, so I can try asking him about this.

Question for Sunny…

Do you think a feature of a blockchain should be it’s ability to support multiple hard forks in parallel?

For example, if a subset of full nodes decide to implement a hard fork and the remainder of the nodes do not wish to implement such a feature. Could be the other nodes do not believe that a feature may work and the subset doesn’t want to continue on the testnet any further.

However, after some time the small subset validates and proves their design and the remaining nodes grudgingly accept that the new features work.

Is it possible to merge the two chains back together?

What is the desired approach in this scenario?

Since proof of stake enables more decision voting in the hands of the individual, it seems that maybe instead of suppressing the rise of protocol features perhaps there is a way to encourage it?

Also, this seems another reason to keep the “backbone” chain simple. So that innovation occurs on the side chains. Rollbacks, disagreements, etc can occur on the side chain as well without affecting the “backbone”.

Though inevitably, the “backbone” will come to a crossroads.

Question…If peercoin price were to go up to say $50 what would become of the 0.01 fee? Would it be kept or removed or lowered?

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are we must pay for make question?