Community Driven Rundown of the Latest News & Updates

As you may have noticed, Sunny has been pretty inconsistent with the weekly updates recently over the past several months. I’m not sure what is going on with him, but I think we should have a backup plan for making sure the community is informed when it comes to the latest news and developer updates.

People are usually looking forward to reading updates from Sunny that actually have to do with his current work on Peercoin, but that hasn’t been the case for a while now. Usually he just posts a rundown of the latest things that are going on in the community. That is a task which doesn’t necessarily have to be done by Sunny himself.

Sunny is obviously not in a state right now where he can continue doing this, so I think somebody from the community should probably take over doing this for him. Someone from the community (myself or another) can collect the latest news and updates within the core team and external projects and we would post a detailed rundown of everything that is going on. The time between updates would depend on how much activity is going on that month. Some months there might be an update every week, some only one or two updates.

Sunny would still be able to post his own updates if he wishes to, but we would have somebody else who is more active and dedicated to providing regular informative updates. This will make it so Peercoin holders can have a one stop location for becoming informed of the latest news, rather than being forced to find news that is scattered around the forum and on chat.

I was thinking that the Sunny’s Updates board would just be renamed to Developer Updates. What do you guys think about this? Does anybody have any suggestions or feedback? @Nagalim, you were pushing for something like this before. What do you think?

Just dont call it a “rundown”. Maybe it should be like a wiki post that reputable community members can add stuff to that we publish as a new thread every 2 weeks then wipe clean again. So you have 1 master wiki thread, and every 2 weeks someone (prolly @Sentinelrv) copies and pastes the list to a new thread and deletes everything in the wiki post. By wiki post I mean a post on this website with the wiki tag, like Nu did for the hot voting list.

I wasn’t planning to, but what do you think the board name should be changed to? Instead of Sunny’s Updates, should it be Community Updates, Developer Updates, something else? Not all updates will be about development. Should it just be called Updates and that’s it? Is there any need to keep the Announcements category?

I would like to limit it to certain people and I think making it a wiki would give access to more people than I’d like. I would sticky the thread and then I could just make all the editors moderators and then they will have the power to make edits to the thread whenever they want. Then after a certain point we would finalize it and post it separately like you said. Editors I have in mind are me, Sunny, @peerchemist, @Hrobeers, @Saeveritt and @Nagalim I would make them all mods so they can edit the thread. Does that sound fine?

I’m comfortable with those choices for mod. Anyone in the dev chat is prolly fine.

Here is the new thread for drafting updates…

Mods have now been promoted and the first post can be edited.

It‘s very necessary, it’s not for you guys, it’s just help new users

I changed the category “Sunny’s Updates” to simply “Updates.”

Edit: Changed my mind. I changed it to “Official Updates” and removed the empty Announcements board. If for some reason we actually need it then I’ll bring it back.

I have made the drafting thread invisible for everyone except for mods. We will work on the updates in private and then after they are finalized we’ll post them publicly.

Can I please have someone who isn’t a moderator verify for me that the drafting thread is now invisible for you? It should be a sticky in the updates board, so if you don’t see it, then it worked. Please let me know, thanks.

I dont think it should be invisible, i think people should be able to comment on it.

I made it private for a couple reasons. It’s an in-progress thread, so I would rather not have people confuse it as an update that is finished. When the thread gets bumped with new edits from devs, I’m afraid people will comment on the news in the drafting thread instead of the final published version where comments on the update actually should be. I’m also afraid people may also check once when the thread starts getting updated and then not return for the finished version. Maybe not, but it was a concern of mine.

Also I wanted to have a dedicated place where devs can discuss what news should or should not be included. If there is news that they don’t want to be made public yet, then they will need to keep discussion of that off the thread and in PM or on private chat. Comments can always be posted on the finalized and published version of the update. Do you still feel the same way?

No, those are good reasons. Just to clarify, people can still access the edits page with a direct link.