Come on Primers!

Lets start talking on this board!!! ;D

I bet few of them will come to talk. ::slight_smile:

It would seem so :(.

Hi fellow primers ;D


Hummmm do I like PPX or XPM more… tough question…

Keep on talking 8)

And yes, I’m holding primecoins, even bought some when they were 0.05. I wished I bought way more then.
I’m still surprised that the Primecoin concept hasn’t been really successful yet. It is only 100% mineable coin which actually gives something back except a lot of heat when mined. Bitcoin should have added such feature long ago, it is such a waste.

Price going up and difficulty returning to previous heights look like primecoin is back. Maybe BTC-e will relist.

Primecoin seems to rise along with peercoin, im willing to bet if we have $2 peercoin by december we will see $1 primecoin. When and if the price rises hopefully it attracts devs to start working on XPM.

$2 PPC by DEC eh what makes you think that will happen?

$2 PPC by DEC eh what makes you think that will happen?[/quote]

Database model, could be wrong though you never know in crypto


Solve those primes!

crazy people