Has anyone here had any experience with coinverters?

I know mc_lovin has been on the forums for a couple years but I would like to know a bit more about who is behind it as we do with casascius. Physical PPC could be a great thing to promote the idea. Plus you could eventually import the private key and if you didn’t transfer it right away generate a block with a significant stake reward.

I was looking into how much a 3D printer would cost, running costs, materials etc and was thinking I may like to setup a Physical PPC purchasing site… this all very much speculation at the moment and working the numbers and seeing what investment I would need to put into the project…

Have to say I have no experience with the link u mentioned. Bought from Cassius b4 but that was in person and very happy with my trades/purchaes … I agree though a physical PPC is something that helps get the currency out to many new people and makes a great gift / commemorative token should the whole internet go belly up!!!

From the 3D printer side of things… would the PPC community be interested in part owning this device?? I could float a listing to raise some capital, but I could also ask this forum for support and hence make it a business to run through this forum and all proceeds from purchases can be distributed to those who helped fund the startup and then we have a 3D printer for the PPC community :smiley: not even devcoin can say that!! or bitcoin for that matter!! anyway enough speculation… i’ll post some more details once I find out more.

[quote=“Excelsior”]I really like the idea. I see how much a premium first edition Cassius coins command now and would love to have a ton of first edition ppc coins in my possession. Plus, it does indeed help a coin feel more ‘real’ to average people and help in marketing and attracting supporters.

Aren’t 3D printers only casting plastic models though? I don’t like plastic.

If we do it, I’d say let’s make really nice quality metal coins that are beautifully designed.[/quote]

Yup I would look at metal printers… these are considerably more hence the reason I was throwing this out to the forum… cheap plastic ones could be knocked up for a tuppance and I could pretty much cover making the coins and materials etc myself if just plastic… however metal coins are the way to go… might evenr be best to speak to a “castor” of metals and see if we can get some metal tokens stamped out :)… i’ll look into all of this and see what I can find as options.


Philogus had some interesting ideas about physical PPC over in the logo design contest feedback thread.

[quote=“Philogus”]Awhile ago I was researching starting a business making physical Litecoins, similar to the Casascius physical Bitcoins. There are companies that people can go to to make challenge coins. (Here is an example:

I called a challenge coin manufacturer (I don’t remember which one) but they said that they can make ANY design, even strangely shaped coins. IMO, design 48 would make a fantastic physical PPCoin design. You would just have to add a year and value. My idea was to put a microSD card inside each coin with a digital cryptocurrency wallet on it, and then put a tamper seal on it. I found a company online that will use a machine to cut a tiny hidden compartment in a coin, a compartment big enough to put a microSD card inside. You need a special tool to open the coin and pull out the microSD. Using that tool would destroy the tamper seal. Here is one example of a company that compartmentalizes coins:[/quote]