Cointelegraph - How crypto currency news are being manipulated

For a while now, Cointelegraph has been regularly flooding the crypto world with paid advertisements ( that are being presented and spread as news of great influence. Just an example, here is today’s paid advertisement: “The Inevitable Failure of Proof-of-Stake Blockchains and Why a New Algorithm is Needed (Op-Ed)”

Which can be found on:

As a matter of fact, this is what their paid advertisements come up with:

About 250 different websites relaying today’s “news” at the same time:“The+Inevitable+Failure+of+Proof-of-Stake+Blockchains+and+Why+a+New+Algorithm+is+Needed+(Op-Ed)”&gws_rd=ssl

Hundreds of fake Twitter accounts tweeting the “news” at the same time:

I first noticed the existence of this paid service a few months ago when it was heavily used by the NeuCoin marketing team to spread their Proof-of-Stake concept. And I am certain that Cointelegraph’s client base contains a lot more names.

I personally find the service provided by Cointelegraph damaging to our community. As it can clearly be seen from their buzzing “news”, their only purpose is to serve their clients’ interests without questioning the content of their posts.

Just to be clear, my intention when writing this post is to reveal this media manipulation market.

Although I have no proof, I believe CoinDesk is involved in the same “ads written like news” business. It’s gotten so bad that I tend to only read crypto articles from news services that are not affiliated with cryptocurrency!

It’s rather ironic – get your crypto news from anyone but crypto businesses.

Paid articles are bad for the one who’s paying for it and at the same time bad for the one who’s publishing it in the light of “journalism.”

With you on that one Thireus. I think Chronos’ his action to ignore those website is the only way to get rid of this. As long as there are people reading those sites, others are willing to pay to have something pulled up there.

The ‘problem’ is not unique to the cryptoworld though. Eventually those sites will be known for spreading fud and gossip as long as there are other trusted information sources where you can find the correct information.