Coins turned Orphan?


I was mining last night using mikaelh’s optimised miner ( and found around 8 blocks plus a few orphans and they were all good whilst on the mining machines (EC2) showing as maturing as expected, so I transferred one to my laptop using dump/import privkey and all was good and the block has since matured. However, I transferred the rest by just moving the wallets to my Desktop PC and as I moved them into the ~/.primecoin folder to get my coins, every single coin was showing as orphaned :frowning: I’m guessing there’s nothing I can do but could anyone explain why this is? Was it the miner or should I not be moving the wallets? Or could moving them from a 64bit miner to a 32 bit PC mess things up?

Hope someone can help me find what went wrong :frowning: Thanks!

(p.s should have been in the mining category but couldn’t start a thread in there! sorry!)

Opened on my laptop (x64) and they appear to be working - looks like it may have been move to 32bit (I have no idea why that PC is even 32 bit! :P)

Edit: Yeah, I’m an idiot :frowning: