Coins are stuck in a maturing state.

Hello everyone. I need help moving my Peercoins. I’m using wallet version 0.6.4. and it shows my coins are “maturing” yet they’ve been at their current address for several months. I deleted all the chain data in the AppData folder and redownloaded the blockchain but nothing changed. When I try to send my coins to a different address, it tells me I have 0 balance.

I also tried to reindex through custom exe shortcut "C:\Program Files (x86)\Peercoin\peercoin-qt.exe" -reindex as well as the repairwallet command in the terminal but no luck.

How can I change the status of my coins from “Maturing” to “Available”? Thanks.

I don’t know where you see this but the blockchain is publicly accessible on places like this:
If it says the balance is >0 then no worries, if it doesn’t it will show where the coins went etc

Never mind… Now my coins are “available”. I don’t know what happened though… I’ve been minting for hours the past several days.

EDIT: I reinstalled the client yesterday and started minting but nothing changed then.

o that, once you ve found a stake you need to wait about 3 days before they become available again

‘Staking’ is a period between when you find a block and when you are able to use your coins again. This is done to prevent certain attacks by ensuring that you have stake in the chain you are promoting. This means you recently found a block, congratulations!