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Hello Peercoin, we’re a service providing instant cryptocurrency and usual e-currency conversion You don’t need to go through depositing funds, trading, and withdrawing funds to exchange to/from Peercoin with us, all you need is to make an exchange without any registration, the whole process does not take more than 10 minutes. Our margin is around 2% only. If you need to exchange your PPC fast probably we’re the most cost-effective solution.
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Dear friends, we have great news for you, now you are able to withdraw your cryptocurrency to your VISA or Master card through our service. We support all VISA and Mastercards worldwide, except for Visa Electron/Maestro cards and certain types of cards such as virtual credit cards. If we are unable to transfer funds to your card your exchange is refunded.

The transfer is made in US dollars, if your card is denominated in another currency the funds will be converted into the card currency by your bank using the bank’s exchange rates. The transfer of funds to your card takes 2-4 business days to complete.

In order to use the service please select VISA/Mastercard USD from the exchange drop-down menu at our homepage. After that you’ll have to log in to the member area (or register first if you haven’t registered before) and add a credit card in your profile. Having completed this step you are able to choose your credit card for the exchange, order the funds transfer and send your cryptocurrency for the exchange. Please note that there’s a withdrawal limit of $2500 per one card per week.

You can withdraw BTC, LTC and PPC currently, more cryptos will be added in future.

OK sounds good. Good Luck. Hope peercoiners will benefit from your services