Coin days destroyed soars

Last 30 days.

last 180 days


In this block, a large holder reorganized a bunch of outputs into new outputs, each containing 10000 PPC.

Based on a withdraw tx from btc-e I trace back and find that btc-e perhaps had multiple levels of cold wallets that mints once several to several tens days. Btc-e probably owns the address PXBf64T4gqKcn7Kruw75X8V5yeci34HG92, which has over 1.8 million Peercoins. This address got on-line for an hour and minted over 6000 PPCs POS reward on Jun 10th. I think that is what is shown here in the smaller spike.

Did I hear btc-e also owns PDH9AeruMUGh2JzYYTpaNtjLAcfGV5LEto which has almost 1.9 million PPCs ? If true then it looks like the biggest holders that don’t mint (often) are the exchanges. Maybe we should send btc-e a free raspi to mint securely with their cold wallets, before cold-locks minting is implemented.