Coin Control Needs to be Added to Peerunity Soon or it Will be Pushed Back

Just wanted to make you guys aware, Jordan would like Coin Control to be added into Peerunity before the cutoff date, but he needs somebody to help do this. If someone doesn’t step up soon, then we’ll have to wait until the next release. Here are his comments on it…

This is an excellent idea. Yacoin is a Peercoin fork, so this should be quite easy: just a matter of taking the relevant pull requests against Yacoin and placing them against Peerunity. Lack of coin control is one of two reasons I don’t yet pay other Peershares team members in Peercoins (I still use BTC).[/quote]

Once I have tried the coin control feature it almost became addictive. We would wonder how we have lived so long without it once we have it for Peercoin.[/quote]

It would be a big win for the Peercoin community if we could get coin control in the first release. I don’t think it will be very hard to do. Yacoin has done all the heavy lifting for us. I just briefly examined the relevant Yacoin pull requests and I didn’t see why they couldn’t be pulled directly into Peerunity with only a few obvious changes (such as changing a line with yacoind in it to ppcoind) and replacing some Yacoin icons with Peercoin icons already in our source. The 2 relevant pull requests are here:

Anyone willing to fork the Peerunity repository, merge the two pull requests into the forked repository, change the branding to ppcoin/Peercoin (don’t update the name of our executable to peercoind, that needs to stay ppcoind as I explain in issue #6) and then briefly test it while it is still in the forked repository?

There are just a few days of opportunity before we will lock down the features of the first release.[/quote]

The specifications of the first release will be finalized in the next few days. The major specification in question is coin control, a wonderful feature that Yacoin (a Peercoin fork) has already implemented. I am still hoping a developer will step forward and volunteer to place the Yacoin coin control code in a Peerunity fork so we can test it and pull it in. I posted details about Yacoin’s coin control earlier in this thread.

If no additional specifications are added beyond coin control, coding should be complete within days after the specifications are locked down. Then a period of testing and refinement of the code will begin. How fast this goes depends on how much the community gets involved.[/quote]

I don’t have a development environment and my c/c++ has become rusty or I will do it myself.

Excuse my ignorance, but why can’t the people putting Peerunity together do it? Already too much on their plate?

If we are looking for new developers, I think we need to put a bounty against it and advertise as I suggested in the Peerunity thread. It is not something which can be easily done.

I’ll speak with Jordan, but this might be something I can work on over the bank holiday weekend with the 50,000 other things :stuck_out_tongue: but would like to get the ball rolling on this one


I think glv has already made the pull request. Can’t wait to see coin control working for Peercoins.

Yes, it is there, but is awaiting review I believe. It is great news, the createmultisig is the next one. It is good to see that we are finally catching up with other cryptos. From there on we can lead innovation again :slight_smile: