[closed]"groupbuy" Antminer 1,6 Gh/s

Anyone interested in this?

Quote from: yxt on December 27, 2013, 06:40:02 PM U1:

<15 = 0.09 BTC

15 contact me

  • shipping

DE: 5,90€ (with tracking and insurance) DHL Parcel
EU wide: 12,9€ (with tracking and insurance) DHL Parcel
worldwide: 12,9€ registered priority airmail letter

Estimated shipping date 30.12

The quote is from bitcointalk. I want to buy a few Sticks but not >15. Anyone interested in buying some together with me to get a better price? I do not have a price so far but will update you here.

I live in Germany and will be able to forward the sticks to wherever.

I do not want to make money here. No costs beside the costs I have.

Should be a good thing for every PPC holder to bring more power to the network (fewer coins generated) and the ROI is not so bad. My shipping date will be 31th december.

I´m around here for some time now and if you do not trust me, please ignore this offer. I´m not able to offer escrow since I need the bitcoins tomorrow to pay yxt.


Edit: Since nobody is interested, I will close this.