[CLOSED] Action Item - BTCQuick - Company Updated


Although some of these are a long shot, it’s important that they hear from the community. When I was at the NYC Bitcoin Conference representing Feathercoin, I heard time and time again “You have a large group of supporters, it’s hard to ignore you even if we wanted to”. True story, I even posted my experience on the Feather forums.

Let’s get PPC/XPM added!

** Update **

"The only problem with this is that currently PPC is only purchasable from BTC-E and difficult to get money in and out of. Perhaps when Mt.Gox adds more currency support to their platform we will allow people to purchase alt coins. Thanks, Jerrod - CEO of btcQuick "

I sent a follow-up email concerning coinmkt offering a PPC/USD option.

** Update 2 **

The challenge with CoinMKT is the lack of API. I’m touching base with Travis over at CoinMKT later tonight and will report back.

This is a BIG DEAL.

  • Coins by credit card
  • Verified in less than 15 minutes

This would be EXACTLY what we need to allow Joe User to purchase our coins.

Ok maybe we need to add this to a primary goal. A way or method to buy Peercoins directly.

I introduced Jerrod (btcQuick) and Travis (coinMKT) to one another. I’ll post updates as they surface.

What about https://crypto-trade.com/trade/ppc_usd? They have the PPC/USD option.