[CLOSED] 0.4 BTC Simple Website for Peershares.net

The Peershare team needs someone willing to create a simple website for Peershares in exchange for 0.4 BTC. For now, all it needs is some information about the project, some information about the team including how to contact us, and our job openings. I would prefer if you were willing to maintain the website as the project grows for additional compensation going forward.

Before beginning work, please contact me and let me know where I can find some work you have done in the past. I want to know you can make the site visually appealing.

You can reach me via the Bitmessage in my signature, PM, or email at jlee at vistomail dot com

Probably want to bump that up to at least 1.5-2 BTC. Doubt many people would make a professional website for $400 for a $500k project. I’ve seen people put 24 BTC bounties on websites and still not get results.

I’ve sent you PM

If Jordan does bump up the bounty a little bit, I still would like to see you do the website, the reason being so we can keep with the consistency of the Peercoin and Primecoin websites.

The bounty is no longer publicly available since we have begun working with CoinHash to do the work.