Chinese peer coin and prime coin fans在中国的peer coin 和prime coin 粉丝

hi, all Chinese fans
In next week, i will go to shanghai to visit BTC china to ask them to trade peer coin and prime coin, please be ready to trade your peer coin and prime coin in that system. thanks

亲爱的中国 peer coin 和 prime coin粉丝们
请让我们团结,大力开挖 peer coin 和质数币, 把他们在中国的交易量做大。下周我去上海将拜访 BTC China,目前在北京, 希望把这个市场做大。


It is a very exciting news.

Currently more people get to know Peercoin, and understand the value of Proof of Stake in China.
The Chinese community is growing at this moment.

现在 我们几个朋友 也正尝试在推广 Peercoin, 尤其是在微薄上.
包括本版版主 Redlee 和 Jimmy.

Great news and wish you good luck!
Jimmy, Harvey and I are doing whatever we can to promote PPC and XPM in China.
But a face-to-face talk with BTCC will be exciting. Is it possible for you to take some pictures for your visit.

Also, if you are still BJ, is it convenient for you to visit
—OKcoin contact info------
微信: okcoin
Address: 2F B Block Shuoquanhui Shangdi East Rd, Haidian District, Beijing.

That is a good news for peercoin fans, wish you have a good time in china!

How do you plan about doing this? Do you have an appointment to speak with them? Would you like any donations for doing this?