Checking a wallets staking status

Hello, is there a way to check a someone else’s wallets staking status? Like you can check an addresses balance from block explorers can u check its staking status, like staking or not staking?

What do you mean?
Whether an address you own is staking, or someone else’s?

If you want to know if an address is staking, you can only see if it has staked in the past.
Like with mining, it’s impossible to know someone is trying to create a block until they created a block.

Sorry for unclear question i will edit it. It’s some else’s address. I want to build a voting platform but only current minters can vote in this platform. Maybe it can doable with checking transactions of an address, but I’m not sure is it a efficient way to do it. Thank you in advance for your help.

It’s the only way of doing it, checking whether an address created a block (a coinstake transaction).

Minters are free to encode extra data into the coinbase of a block they create, but it’ll need you to change the client code slightly.

Thank you for reply again, it will be a primitive one but checking an addresses transactions of last 3 days and searching a coinstake transaction in it will work then right ?

It depends on what you want to do.
What you describe now is whether they found a block in the last 3 days. Not many people find a block every 3 days.

Well I want to create a survey pool and want to give permission to only minters, if 3 days are below the line then I need to find a mean for average time, can’t think a better option atm. Btw thank you for your guidance mate :slight_smile:

Id suggest making it anyone that found a block in the last 3 months. Remember that it takes at least a month for an output to mature to even have a chance at minting.

Oh forgot peercoin requires 30 day before minting thank you for reminding. 90 days for %100 chance of founding a block right ?

No, the percentage increases as it approaches 90 days then stops increasing, but it is never 100%. The chance to mint is also dependent on how big the output is and how high the mint difficulty is.

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