Charity Coins for people in Africa and 3 world

I get frustrated with the traditional way charity organizations work, yes most do great work, but a lot of money is wasted in administration about 50-80%,
meaning for example the real people who need the money for say schooling and food, clothes see very little of it.

my big question is?, can there be a proof of work/Stake for wallets of people who are in need,

lets call it a cross-reference system to prove these people, children are legitimate in their request for support,

please understand I know very little about the systems and process but, I am a proven Inventor who thinks
outside the box with my (Stair Square and Roofing Protractor)

This is a theory I have could this be done? solve the problem,

even a checked system of sending the coins, direct to schools in Africa for example to fund the education,
food banks etc

using drivers licenses and bank accounts, to create a wallet that is not fake and run by fraudsters who just want free funds