I sent an email to Changelly recently about the possibility of adding support for Peercoin. I was asked to respond to a number of questions. I have put something together but wanted advice/input from the community. Thanks.

  1. Product plan:
    Peercoin is the oldest proof-of-stake blockchain, created 19 August 2012. v0.6 of the core client wallet is due for release in the next couple of months.

  2. Do you have your own blockchain technology?

  3. Do you have wallets or any other services that could potentially allow instant conversion from bitcoin?
    Exchanges are listed at

  4. How many customers use it a month?
    Average daily transactions since 19 August 2012 is 379. There are 1607 Peercoin nodes throughout the world ( Number of reddit subscribers is 3500.

  5. Are you already listed on Poloniex or Bittrex?
    Yes, listed on both Poloniex and Bittrex.

  6. How you are going to compete with other currencies?
    As blockchain bloat and centralisation of miners continues, the values and strengths of Peercoin should become more apparent. As the oldest proof-of-stake blockchain Peercoin has an advantage given its secure track record. In the meantime, development and improvement continue on a daily basis. Applications on the Peercoin blockchain, such as Peerassets should also garner further attention.

  7. Your daily volume:
    Average daily volume since 27 December 2013 is $400k

Thanks for your comments.


Maybe in the compete section, put something in there about PoS allowing the users to control the network, rather than big miners. Looks good though.

Ok, will add something and send. Thanks.