Cash for XPM scam? (Not Nigeria Prince this time)

My scam-o-meter went off on this
because no other information given but basically “pm me. I have money for your XPM”

If someone thinks it’s real, better let the community know.

I’m not sure what the hell that is all about, but Paypal for coin? Sounds like a scam to me. It’ll end up with a chargeback and he’ll get the coin and his cash. Forget it. I don’t have an account over there, but I’m sure someone here does and can but a thumb on the bug.

I think a general guideline for paypal is to transfer the money out as soon as you receive it. But also the way that is phrased is so suspect… “I’ve been authorized to buy Primecoins…” Who says that?

Yep. If this is real, the poster should give the name and web site of the “disaster relief fund” mentioned in the title of the original post.

Had to respond to this one: This is legit but if you’re skeptical, why don’t you email the guy directly instead of trashing him on another forum. There is no ‘disaster relief fund’ per se but some investors willing to take on the huge risk of this coin. To me, it looks like a public service. I got $0.86 on 198.43 coins.

Call me crazy, but ‘disaster relief’ Vs. Investors ‘taking risk’ are entirely two different things. This will be my final remark on this thread, and I shouldn’t even bother with this one, but…

Say what you mean, mean what you say. If you are correct in your comment, then it’s still a lie, period. Speak the truth the first time or lose all credibility.

Just my 2ppc

I guess everything is how you look at it. Metaphorically speaking, it would be hard to argue the primecoin collapse wasn’t disastrous or in need of some relief. I called it a public service because I sold mine immediately after the coin was pullled off the exchanges but according to your strict definition, that would be a lie too. No one else was willing to buy XPM for anything above $0.60 at the time. You could trade it for some other crap coin but not directly for money. There was a little drama, with me, he paid me half up front and the rest after the coins were delivered and confirmed but I got paid so…whatever.

Good to know that you tried and it’s good that you let the community know. If you look at the bitcoin talk link you can see I have followed up to give the original poster a chance to clarify.