Can't delete wallet

Hey everyone,
I downloaded the ppcoin-qt on my macbook. I was just messing around and encrypted the wallet. I ended up losing that passphrase as it wasn’t important. The only problem I have now is I cannot delete the old encrypted wallet so that I can actually use the ppcoin-qt. I have uninstalled and reinstalled ppcoin-qt about 5 times now but it is still there and encrypted. I have looked for other files but haven’t had much luck. Anyone know what I’m missing? Thanks!

You need to deleted the wallet file found under ~/Library/Application\ Support/PPCoin/wallet.dat

Close PPCoin-Qt, first, and then use Terminal to get to the directory. Alternatively, you can just run the command (from Terminal):

rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/PPCoin/wallet.dat

from anywhere. After you enter that, restart PPCoin-Qt and a new, unencrypted version of the wallet file will be generated.

Please note, the space between “/Application\ Support/” is intentional and required.

Appreciate it! Coinbadger sent me in the right direction in the chat yesterday but I just didn’t know the right code. Worked perfect.

Excellent, great to hear. Let us know if you have any follow-up questions.