Can you make the (0.01PPC/kb) fee into the (0.001PPC/kb) fee in V0.6?

The (0.01PPC/kb) fee will limit the growth of users. Premature user push to external processing is not a good choice.Because only its more transactions, can make it have higher value, so that in order to survive in the competition. Can you make the (0.01PPC/kb) fee into the (0.001PPC/kb) fee in V0.6?

We have very little trade

The hard disk and network will continue to be upgraded,lower transaction fees will make customers grow substantially.

All holders expect it to increase in value and expect returns. The developer’s efforts are not wasted

Nagalim 凌晨12点07分
the .01 PPC fee should be calculated with respect to anti-spam. It is actually kind of on the low end, honestly, but I think it’s fine right where it is.
You should think of it with respect to the total ppc in circulation and the number of ppc minting. So unless the total number of ppc in existence goes down a good bit, I would not vote for a lower fee.

If enough deals are made, the total will fall, and on the other hand, if the transaction is small, the total will not fall

diandianbi 凌晨12点32分
Hope to reduce the transaction costs

Nagalim 凌晨12点34分
The supply changes very slowly, as does consensus. I would not expect a change of fee anytime soon.

diandianbi 凌晨12点36分
Consensus is reached through voting at the Forum

peerchemist 凌晨12点38分
concesus is reached through PoS

diandianbi 凌晨12点40分
The high fee hinders development

peerchemist 凌晨12点42分
that is false
why would it hinder development
and how is the fee high?
it’s 2 cents

irritant 凌晨12点49分
i would rather say the low price hinders a bit

diandianbi 凌晨12点53分
It’s hard to succeed in moving users to an external chain early,
Lower costs encourage people to use it internally, and adding third parties always makes people feel a bit uneasy

irritant 凌晨12点56分
i disagree, if people understand how the technology works and the peercoin used as a backbone for the third party service , why not

diandianbi 凌晨12点56分
Customer is God, we wait and see

irritant 凌晨12点57分
yes well, even in early days people dropped their millions on some shady centralized exchange

diandianbi 凌晨12点58分
The key is that you need to have a huge customer before you can say so
Without the next user, who will endorse the credit?

irritant 凌晨12点59分
maybe we can try to run some simulations on testnet
see how peercoin would perform under heavy use

diandianbi 凌晨1点03分
yes ,You can have a try

What do you think?Please tell me

@diandianbi @peerchemist @Nagalim the fee cannot be changed without a hardfork, it’s protocol enforced
you can push fees down by grouping transactions like exchanges are doing on bitcoin
and probably on many other blockchains

@hrobeers absolutely but hard forks are not as problematic on PPC

no they are not indeed
I just want to highlight a vote on fee change would need a supermajority
there is no dynamic voting on fees like could be concluded from the discussion

What else can we do if we use other blockchains else?Without a huge user base, who will be the next buyer?Who shall we sell our coins to?

There is no big enough market. Can you come out after the money has gone in?
It is easier to go in than out

As you all know, the wallet is not centralized and the third party is centralized.

Why are we trying to sell our coins? People mine or mint coins and use them to pay the fee to use the chain. Speculation isn’t even a necessary part of the function of the chain.

Then why are we listed on the stock exchange?What is the purpose of our development? Shouldn’t we think at the customer’s point of view?

The people who come here are all speculative,Or to gain value

1., huge users are the foundation of survival
2. low transaction costs to create more customers
3., low transaction costs can create more transactions and reduce the total amount
4. low transaction costs do not create much garbage
5., low transaction costs make the backbone more robust

The peercoin is not just a corporate clearing system, and can be used as an electronic cash in the form of continuing to move forward

To discover problems, to think about problems is the engine of our progress

There is concern that the transaction costs are inflated and we are worried that the hard disk expansion is the same logic

@diandianbi if the price rises so high that the transaction cost is to high that would mean a serious over valuation of the chain
the price and use of the chain should be in balance
the fixed fee is a feature of peercoin, it makes sure that price and value created are in balance
unlike all other coins
1000USD/PPC would mean a market cap an order of magnitude higher than BTC currently has, go and check the BTC fees, they are around 10USD today!
still people use it.heavily!

Instead of arguing that 0.1PPC/kb fee would become too high if prices rise to 1000USD/PPC, I argue that the 1000/USD price is too high if nobody is willing to pay 10USD fees.

So basically if the use of the network is too low to justify an overvalued market cap, the increasing fee will act as a way to self regulate the Peercoin price and drive it back down to normal levels that make sense for the true value that the network is currently offering. In this way, use of the network and price are balanced.

Currently Peercoin fees are still super low, around 2 cents. We are not prematurely pushing anyone to 3rd party transaction services because Peercoin’s current on-chain transaction volume is not at a level where these services are even necessary yet. This gives time for better and easier to use off-chain solutions to be developed that can help once Peercoin’s on-chain fees become higher. So we still have a lot of time before this will become an issue and these off-chain services will have improved greatly by then.

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Lowering fees is a great opportunity for development. Fixing 0.001ppc is great and never generates too much garbage. We can not just consider the interests of major shareholders, there is no user can not protect the interests of major shareholders

No major user groups, large shareholders is difficult to survive.Lower transaction fees will increase the user base, big use group will attract more whale, with a lot of big whale, this community can get more resources, this community can form a good ecological environment.

what we do is to creat a system for trading, if the rate of trading fee is too high, then why we do not select a cheaper one for trading?

Most trading happens off-chain on exchanges. The txn fee has little to no relavance to trading markets.