Can Peerunity also Mint?

I read on the website before downloading that Peerunity has one touch minting. I can’t find the button to start minting though. everything is just blank. I am new to all of this. ???

I’ve clicked unlock wallet for minting only, but it still hasn’t started anything.
how do I get it to mint? Thanks!

Do you have coins in the wallet?

Have they been unspent for more than 30 days?

You won’t really notice when the wallet is minting.

As long as it is unlocked it will automatically attempt to mint a block once for each line in the minting tab every second that passes.

The beauty of Peercoin is that you can leave it minting in the background and still use your computer for anything else!

Oh, I really like to be able to watch it work. That’s too bad.
I don’t have any coins, how much is needed to start?

Thanks for the awesome help! :slight_smile:

I went to the debug screen and typed getwork, but that just makes Peerunity crash.

I am reading more and still learning but I think I’m starting to understand. The more I have in peercoin the more I can mint, I am worried though eventually the rich people who sign up will make it so that I will have no weight and therefor no chance and everything I did will be worthless :-/

even at this point now, I doubt I could compete with most of you financially to be able to mint. Most unfortunate.

Outputs of 100 PPC or even less have very high probabilities of minting after 90 days.

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Yes peerunity can mint. Drop your coins into peerunity and wait and eventually you should mint a block. If your wallet is encrypted unlock it first.