Can multiple signature addresses be mined?

Can multiple signature addresses be mined? How do I operate it?

If by “mine” you mean “mint”, no. Multisig can’t mint.

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If you mean “mine” like actual PoW mining, you put the the multisig address to receive the block reward.

If you mean “minting” PoS, like peerchemist said, it is not possible since keys must exist on the node to spend the outputs to the newly minted coins.

There is a multisig minting proposal, but no implementation. Peercoin RFC #0003 Multi-signature Minting

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Actually, by virtue of our discussion, we came to the conclusion that multisig minting should be very possible. The issue is that, due to the txn timestamp, all signatures need to be present at the moment of block creation/propagation. This means multisig minting is possible already, but practically it requires all multisig keys to be held by the same person/minter. This makes it impractical for most any application, which is why we are not supporting it. RFC-0004 (removing txn timestamp) would allow for more practical applications, such as air-gapped minting.


ok,thanks for your reply