California takes first step towards officially legalizing Peercoin

The legislation mentions seven cryptocurrencies, of which Sunny King has two: Peercoin and Primecoin. It appears California took the top 7 in terms of market cap from

Cool. It’s a nice read too, didn’t expect that from a formal document

Was this actually included in the text of the Assembly’s reading?

Recently, a new digital currency attempted to emerge, known as COINYE (Originally called COINYE West) which was modeled after Bitcoin and implied a connection to rapper Kanye West via a cartoon picture of Kanye West as the currency's logo. A lawsuit filed in a Manhattan federal court sought to stop COINYE on the grounds that it used the rapper's image to cash in on his popularity without his consent, damaging his reputation and confusing consumers about the source of the cryptocurrency.

Facing legal action, creators of COINY have ended the project and COINYE is now Lost in the World, but may have been nothing more than a Dark Fantasy.

Even the Ben Bernank has made some favorable comments about Bitcoin.

Fincen and the Federal Department of Justice have publicly admitted legal usefulness.

And now California!


In America some of us often worry about our government being obtuse and destructive but for now it seems to be getting it right in terms of permitting innovation in digital money!

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Sometimes it appears that crisis can spur the need to take innovation seriously. In this case, California’s recent fiscal trouble (and liberal attitudes) likely makes them easier converts to new payment systems in the form of cryptocurrency.