Buying and renovating a house with Peercoin


How many PPC did you pay for the house?

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It took me about 40,000 Peercoins to buy land, a house, and some building materials. Due to the fact that the crypto market went down, I preferred to leave about 10,000 coins to buy building materials later.

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I would like to tell you about my roadmap - this month I will take apart the back of the house (it was used as a barn, animals were raised there). After that, I want to have time to straighten the house, as it is a little skewed. I also want to have time to start doing the floor.

August: My father and I will put down the stove and start building the back of the house (it will be completely new). Next, we will repair the well and lay pipes to the house to provide it with water. Creation of water supply and sewerage. We will also insert new windows that have already been purchased.

September: Construction of the veranda, installation of new doors. I will invite my best friend (he is a qualified electrician) and he will do the wiring, lighting and everything related to electricity. October: interior renovation, decoration. In October I plan to move in house with my wife and daughter.

November: interior design, purchase of furniture, electronic equipment.

December: completion of renovations, preparation for the new year, recording of a New Year’s message for the Peercoin community.

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