Buying 10k XPM for 1 BTC

Anyone up for the deal ;)?

Don´t think this is possible now. We have currently mined 1600 blocks but there are about 3k confirmations needed. Most likely you have to wait a few days till anyone could sell the first coins

There are only like 30k XPM in existence…

good luck 8)

This is probably what I’m going to do when I get some money together. It seems easier to just buy these coins than to mine them.

Right now its all luck. Your are not going to be able to buy that amount from anyone at this point. The best deal I’ve seen is 100 XPM for 1 BTC.

So what’s the projected value of 1 XPM? Everyone states their currency is the “newest and the best” but XPM seems to actually be that. By the way, I keep wanting to say X.M.P. like the OC profile in my Asus Bios. Anyone else thought of that too?

Sure. I’ll sell you my LTC mining rig for 1BTC… ???


Lol, in the case of 1BTC for 10K XPM, I offer 10BTC for 10K XPM ;D