Buy gift cards in the UK with PPC

Hello guys,

Apologies for being a newbie to the forums and essentially starting life with a service post, but I am excited about it! One of the members of your community approached us a few weeks ago and asked if we would consider adding Peercoin to our website and, along with a donation to help the dev effort, this has now been realised!

The website is and it allows anyone in the UK to buy gift cards (currently, Apple (iTunes and their store), XBOX and Playstation) with their Peercoin. We have a few other cryptocurrencies too and we have LOTS more gift cards to add (we are in talks with various companies and also have a bunch that are nearly setup and ready to roll).

Hopefully this will help increase the liquidity and visibility of Peercoin, as we really like this coin. We have like to hold any coin we work with too, so it’s not just shooting straight back to fiat. In fact, I plan to mint my own personal wallet-ful :slight_smile:

Any questions or comments please let us know. You can contact us through the site (skype/email) or find me on freenode, username rustyn.