Business Cards - Donations Requested

“Why don’t we do one for producing say a couple of thousand of them and then I can send out to various volunpeers who have said they representing us at a conference” - Fuzzybear

I couldn’t agree more. We’re looking to attend any/every Bitcoin related conference possible. Everything we do in this community is self funded. This is an important part of our marketing campaign, I hope you can throw a few dollars into the pot.



There’s not only a cost to print, but also to ship. Any bit helps.


$25 from me, just point me to an address

Count me in for $10

As I will be the ones making up the business cards, here is a donation address.


Many thanks


Sent 1.63 PPC to the address PSMn2dA387LcqpQvjaNL7V6HMAMGu3L8Qw

FuzzyBear has been PPC’d, 5.00 combo!

Sent 3 PPC to the address PSMn2dA387LcqpQvjaNL7V6HMAMGu3L8Qw

I just started and don’t have a lot of coins. I only sent 1 PPC. :slight_smile:

sent 2

Many thanks for all your donations, I have a run of 5000 being printed off now and will be senting to super for the Las Vegas conf