Brief introduction for PPC futures trading & PPC/USD at 796 Exchange

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796 Exchange is established and operated by 796 Xchange Limited, which is a company incorporated with limited liability under the laws of Hong Kong. provides a safe and secure platform to buy and sell BTC/LTC/PPC. Members also enjoy a range of financial services, including Bitstamp weekly BTC futures, BTC-E weekly LTC/PPC futures, Bitcoin mining stocks and securities and more.

We’re applying the weighted average PPC price at BTC-E as settlement reference for weekly PPC futures trading which is around 10x leverage and 10% margin. Please check help section for details. We’d kindly advise our members to act cautiously when opening positions and enable automatic margin call feature. Members are able to control leverage themselves by adjusting positions. For example, when you deposit 100PPC into your futures account and open a position of 100PPC, the margin is 10PPC and it would be 1x leverage.
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Excellent site. Do you support USD withdrawals to US?

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Yes, you can withdraw USD through international wire transfer.
Please check it here: (User panel – cash wallet – withdraw)
Thanks for attention.