Price index. Graphs, filters, aggrigates from over 50 exchanges

                                [center][size=20pt][b]Hello Crypto World![/b][/size][/center] 
                                            [center][size=20pt][b]Introducing Brave New Coin [i]"Home Of Crypto"[/i][/b] [/size][/center]


[center][size=12pt]We are based out of New Zealand. We spent 6 months putting this together.
check it out:

Right now it has 50 currencies listed but we will have many more.

Our bitcoin price comes from over 50 different exchanges in over 20 different trading pairs.
This is our strategy - to offer not 90 % of the market but 99% of the market in our calculations. - Because it matters!

[size=15pt]How It Works[/size]

The currency converter provides conversion of values between any pair of currencies, crypto or fiat.

By default the table includes all coins surveyed, but this may be filtered to show just Non-mined, Pre-mined or Mineable coins.

[size=14pt]Global level[/size]
The right-most column in the table shows the chart expansion icon. Selecting this, will expand the row for the selected coin to display a detailed global summary chart.

[size=14pt]Market level[/size]
The Market page shows detailed results of the data collected from each currency exchange for any particular coin trading market e.g. BTC-USD, BTC-CNY etc

Have a play,
If you like it - tell your friends! Its been a big expensive job to put together and there’s so much more in the background then what you see from the website so your referrals to friends are much appreciated!

Lots more features being released in future updates!


~ The team @Techemy[/size][/center]