Brand New To Mining. Any Tutorials?

Hey guys,

I am brand new to the crypto currency world, but am very intrigued by it all. I hear Primecoin is a great place to start because you can simply mine with the CPU from your computer. I am running an I7 3770k OC’d to 4.5Ghz and want to give mining a shot. I plan on mining Litecoin with a GPU setup I plan to build, but want to start small.

The only problem is, I have no knowledge of coding and have no clue where to start. I would be willing to gift Paypal someone money who could help me out or even remote access my computer to help. I know the community is fantastic, so I hope we can all help eachother out!

I know that I want to mine in the pool. The question is, which client do I download? Do I download the ‘xolominer’ v0.8 (32&64bit) Client from Xolokram or do I download the High Speed Client on

Any help will be subject to Paypal Gift donations (No crypto coins yet unfortunately) :slight_smile:

full guide here

Use Xolo’s miner for beeeer pool minnig


Hey, I have a question which kind of relates to OPs question directly. So I’ve tried mining in b(e^5)r pool for a while, then tried doing some solo runs and then back to b(e^5)r. And all through my journey I was wondering “how good am I doing?”. So my question is - what information in logs is actually important and how it should be read?
So I have three mining boxes and every once in a while they present the following stat lines:
2014-01-12 19:26:03 primemeter 4404920 prime/h 71120084 test/h 720 5-chains/h 0.040217 chain/d
2014-01-12 19:31:21 primemeter 1592634 prime/h 25275111 test/h 420 5-chains/h 0.015698 chain/d
2014-01-12 19:34:01 primemeter 7840541 prime/h 126264663 test/h 1020 5-chains/h 0.069558 chain/d

So as far as I understand (prime/h) is the speed boxes generate probable prime numbers, (tests/h) is the amount of tests executed to test those probable prime candidates. Now what are those two other options - 5-chains/h and chain/d?

Now if I have a look at my b(e^5)r stats I see the following:
Date XPM block 7ch 8ch 9ch 10ch
2014-1-11 0.06 0 (0.000%) 34 (97.1%) 1 (2.86%) 0 (0.00%) 0 (0.000%)
2014-1-11 0.08 0 (0.000%) 50 (98.0%) 1 (1.96%) 0 (0.00%) 0 (0.000%)

So I guess those stand for 7chain 8chain 9chain 10chain - is it the same as 5-chain I am seeing in stats? Is it so that only 7ch+ matters and should only those appear in stats? Or am I mining something wrong here?

Anyways - since this is mining tutorial thread - can somebody explain or point out a document explaining some useful logging info?


Here is the how-to I wrote up: