Boilr - Price Alarms for cryptocurrencies, cryptoassets and derivatives

[size=12pt]Boilr is an Android app which monitors cryptocurrencies, cryptoassets and derivatives prices, and triggers alarms according to user settings.[/size]

Source-code: released under GPLv3+

Supports 2 alarm types:

[ul][li]Price Hit - Triggered when price crosses the alarm’s upper or lower limit.[/li]
[li]Price Change - Triggered when price changes more than X amount (in currency or percentage) in a specified time frame (e.g. 15 min). It uses a rolling time frame: price is fetched with a given update interval (e.g. 30 s) and compared with the price fetched one time frame ago (e.g. 15 min ago).[/li][/ul]

Sound and vibration are configurable globally, and individually for each alarm. Lists of exchanges, pairs and alarms are fully searchable, allowing quick setup and configuration. The alarm list behaves as your ticker, where you can reorder your alarms and directly change their limits. Triggered alarms ring, displaying their status, until you turn them off. Just like an alarm clock. Market data is retrieved directly from the exchanges via Wi-Fi or Mobile Data (if allowed).

Boilr supports several exchanges where PPC and XPM are traded. For instance: BTC38, BTC-E, Bter, Cryptonit and Cryptsy.
You can check the complete exchanges list at: exchanges available on libdynticker.

If useful, consider making a donation or sending a tip: PPtY723aQVpRwMDMeRn8vtKs8VQqX7iX1L

New release: 0.5.0
With a deep design change and lots of new features.

Complete changelog:

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Good job!

“Donate or Tip” --> No Peercoin listed, why? :frowning:

Thanks! If you find bugs or want to request features please use:

There was no space left on the website. Anyway, here is our PPC address: PPtY723aQVpRwMDMeRn8vtKs8VQqX7iX1L
I have also added it to the OP.

Good app. However, I would suggest that you create a way for us to add currencies without alarms as well. Maybe you can already do this, but it kept giving me an error every time.

There is a workaround for that. Set up a Price Hit alarm and leave both limits (upper and lower) empty. They’ll be set to +∞ and -∞ thus creating an alarm that never gets triggered.