Blocks & Chains Decentralized Exchange Achieves 100% Funding

Big jump. $176,901 (88%) has now been committed for development. Only $23,099 left to go.

$190,247 (95%) has now been committed for development. Only $9,753 left to go.

Very much almost there :slight_smile: looking forward to the party once the goal is reached :slight_smile:


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B&C Decentralized Exchange has now achieved 100% funding. Pledgers have been contacted for payment. You can find out more details here…

I haven’t gotten any acknowledgement on Bitmessage, even after multiple attempts. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Have you tried letting them know in the main thread that you haven’t received a response yet?

Thanks for posting for me there. Bitmessage is showing my messages acknowledged, but no reply from the devs yet. I’m running Bitmessage 0.4.4, which is the current version.

Sportscliche, it seems that they received a large amount of messages due to passing 100%. So it’s most likely due to the fact that they’re several days behind, plus the recent problem experienced with Nu. Here is a message they posted…

[quote=“BCExchange”]As you can imagine, reaching our minimum funding goal has resulted in a sharp surge of correspondence for us to reply to. We have been working hard to reply to everyone promptly. The email queue is six hours long and the Bitmessage queue is 45 hours deep, the longest we have ever taken to respond to inquiries.

Part of what makes B&C Exchange a promising project is that the team behind it has proven its ability to deliver groundbreaking projects, namely the world’s first stable value peer to peer currency in the form of NuBits. This also means the team has obligations to the Nu network, and that network had an urgent issue emerge the last couple of days that has required the team’s attention.

It is a very busy time for the team, so please be patient.[/quote]

Thanks, I finally got a reply on Bitmessage. Seems my initial message was missed somehow. I was offered shares, but not at the price I had expected. A little disappointed, but no big deal.