Blocks & Chains Decentralized Exchange Achieves 100% Funding

B&C Decentralized Exchange has now achieved 100% funding. Pledgers have been contacted for payment. You can find out more details here…

I added in the r/cryptocurrency thread. Please post some supportive comments in there if you can.

Bitcoin’s work ends after two years
balloon boom
and begin a new era

going to waste a lot of coins
coin stock market will collapse

look forward

the stock market NYSE , peershares should take into

If our goal NYSE
if our goal is not to NYSE

not gonna work

You must read this book

Think of the Internet asset
asset prices fell, people sank…

are you a fortune teller? ;D

5 days left to place an auction bid. Sigmike and erasmospunk have committed to develop the exchange as long as the auction meets its $200k goal. There’s also a lot more questions and answers in the main thread…

There are now only 2 days left to place a bid to own shares.

So we’re making our final advertising spree before the deadline in case anybody here wants to help support us with a comment…

This is the FINAL day! No bids will be accepted after the deadline.

Also, I liked this comment by Cryptog on Reddit about turning B&C into a decentralized stock market that trades Peershares for different businesses or DAOs…

My vision for b&c is that if it is successful, b&c will become the first decentralized stocks market place in the world. Imagine the revolution. On b&c not only btc and other crypto-currencies will be traded but also any crypto-assets that are "Satoshi-based." I have of course in mind all the crypto-shares that are based on peershares' blueprint. Not only we can imagine that nushares will be traded on b&c, but also its own shares, b&c shares, and any shares that belong to any DAOs. The consequence of that is that b&c could spark a revolution in the IPO funding of any business. A business that needs to raise funds will create its own peershares blockchain and then go IPO from day one and float its shares on b&c. Also, as jordan lee envisions it, it seems natural that nubits will be used to get in and out of the a synthetic dollar as you use dollars to buy google stocks and sell them for dollars...

Thus is an excellent quote indeed from [member=28849]cryptog1[/member]

The auction has now ended. Yet again, another Peershares implementation fails to achieve enough funding, but an alternate plan seems to be coming together…

Since the initial NuShares auction was not successful, shares of B&C are now being offered directly. You no longer need to purchase NuShares. Check here for details…

In a little over one day $90,880 has been pledged to develop B&C, which is about 45% of the total fundraising goal. If it hasn’t already, the price per share is about to rise to $5.10.

$126,130 has now been pledged for development of B&C, which is 63% of our target goal. The price per BlockShare has now been raised to $5.10.

$131,230 (65%) now…

New Update:

$147,643 (73%) has now been committed for development of Jordan Lee’s Blocks & Chains Decentralized Exchange. $80k of this has been guaranteed by a small group of venture capitalists providing a seed fund. Because of the seed fund, development will start after Nu v2.0 releases, which should be soon. The project currently needs $52,357 more to be pledged before the minimum fundraising goal is reached. Only after reaching the required $200k will currently pledged funds be collected from investors. Find out more info here…

Update: $151,369 (75%)

$161,348 (80%) has now been committed for development. Only $38,652 left to go!

I guess it takes one or two month to get 100%.

Is be surprised if this was not fully funded in the next week or two personally, one last drive on marketing and advertising should do it.


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$164,388 (82%) has now been committed for development. $35,612 left to go.