Blockchain start-ups

While researching the web, I’ve come across blockchain start-ups forming agreements with institutions. To give one example:

… the Compellio team has been working with the European Court of Auditors (ECA) to implement the “ECA Registry”, a novel platform that will enable ECA to utilise public blockchains …

Link -

Another start-up is which says:

Get hands-on and create your blockchain, or focus on your core business while we custom-build your application. Which is right for you?

Next is an organisation representing the transport industry’s interest in blockchains:

And so on. How is all this possible, is there a catch? What are they relying on for blockchains - they safe, stable?

Elsewhere, I read that crypto’s only real use is speculation, and using tokens to bet with, etc. Can someone clarify the overall state of play?