Blockchain does not download


I updated my ppc wallet to “Peerunity”. Since then my blockchain is out of synch. I have updated the ppcoin.conf file in appdata and the wallet indicates 7-8 active connection with the network as you can see in the attached file, but the client is styck at block 114 977. What went wrong in my update? What am I missing?

could you send me your debug.log? It should be in the appdata folder with your conf file.


I have now solved it by installing PeerUnity on a computer that had no previous client installed. After importing the wallet.dat file I now can access all my coins that I had in the wallet that got stuck on the blockchain.

I can not attach files in private message. If you want the debug file I can provide it to you over e-mail. Send me an mail “chrwes at gmail . com” and I will reply to you there.

Take Care Everyone