Blockchain 2.0 tech comparisson

I just found this linked in the XCP Reddit AMA and thought maybe someone more knowledgeable than me might want to contact the owner (/r/bitcoin Mod ThePiachu) and mention Peercoin/Peershares to see if they might add it:

Also listed where some others 2.0 tech comparisons:

Direct link to send him a message:

I did.

Good diagram:

His reply:

As I understand, Peercoin is an altcoin that doesn't allow creation of other assets in its network. As such, it looks like a first generation cryptocurrency - one more akin to Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin, albeit with a different mining algorithm. As such, comparing it to the second generation cryptocurrencies, ones focused on users being able to generate their own coins and tokens on the network, wouldn't be very useful. Let me know if I'm missing anything.

Good point raised here. The chart is only for 2.0 crypto.

Yes indeed Peercoin is blockchain 1.0, but Peershares is the 2.0 platform that is in the Peercoin family. Anyway, it looks like ThePiachu doesn’t look favorable on PoS blockchains: