Block Payouts not Right

Hello all. I am a newbie miner about a month. I have a question.

I’m not quite sure how the payouts are suppose to work. If you look at payout for block 7544 its looks like I should have been payout three times to my address AZuKLo9xF1Y1rkpd1ngdfVCVpoMDVn6jFo
But if you go to, its showing only a payout of 0.0014.

I have four different computers mining to the same address. It the same thing for all the payout blocks that I am on. Any help would be appreciated! I would hate to loose all of it. Its kind of demotivating me.

Jason pays out as far as you achieve 3.01 XPM on your beeeeer account. Till that your earnings are stored or paid.
The info of how much you’ ve mined you can get here and the detailed info on