Bitsquare released their beta version of the decentralized exchange, I was a bit disappointed that Peercoin was not on the trading list. They will be a competition to our BCExchange.
Which altcoins are supported?
Here you can see the list of the currently supported altcoins:
◦“ETH”, “Ethereum”
◦“LTC”, “Litecoin”
◦“NMC”, “Namecoin”
◦“DASH”, “Dash”
◦“SDC”, “ShadowCash”
◦“NBT”, “NuBits”
◦“NSR”, “NuShares”
◦“PPC”, “Peercoin”
◦“XPM”, “Primecoin”
◦“FAIR”, “FairCoin”
◦“SC”, “Siacoin”
◦“SJCX”, “StorjcoinX”
◦“GEMZ”, “Gemz”
◦“DOGE”, “Dogecoin”
◦“BLK”, “Blackcoin”
◦“FCT”, “Factom”
◦“NXT”, “Nxt”
◦“BTS”, “BitShares”
◦“XCP”, “Counterparty”
◦“XRP”, “Ripple”
◦“XEM”, “NEM”
◦“ANTI”, “”
◦“VPN”, “VPNCoin”
◦“MAID”, “MaidSafeCoin”
◦“YBC”, “YbCoin”
◦“CLOAK”, “CloakCoin”
◦“EGC”, “EverGreenCoin”
◦“VRC”, “VeriCoin”
◦“ESP”, “Espers”
◦“XVG”, “Verge”
◦“MYR”, “Myriadcoin”

I stand corrected. I have the latest client 0.4.5 and I actually had to go to settings and select Peercoin to show on my trade list (it didn’t by default - maybe because there are no trades in the system for it.)