Hello folks,

Today is 031415, it’s Pi Day and Einstein’s birthday. And maths based currencies are catching fire. Is it playing some game with us? We are not sure about nature’s intentions, but we are pretty much sure about our intentions. On this day of Pi, here we are live for business.

What is Bitlancerr?

Bitlancerr is a new way to initiate business for both merchant as well as for creative(talented) people who are willing to trade their talents for bitcoin. This will initiate a new market for talent in virtual world. Most of the cryptocurrencies(popular) are accepted at Bitlancerr which makes it well fluid business for every one who deserves to stand for the this dynamic revolution. At Bitlancerr we promote jobs which are made only for you, making Bitlancerr an unique initiative, keeping you as well as your bitcoin transactions safe and secure. Being on of its kind it provides you with large variety of jobs and talent in different categories. So the world needs a change and its time to be a part of it…… That’s why its time to make a better world, its time to think bigger.

What do we have to offer?

Well, it’s just beginning of maths based currency era. We are in the same domain so we have bitcoins to offer on our promotional launch.
It’s simple to participate in our first promotional offer.

  1. Register at Bitlancerr
  2. Post 3 jobs in which you can add value

It’s simple, everybody is good at something, and if you are good at something never do it for free #copied. Post atleast 3 jobs at bitlancerr in appropriate categories.
Spread the word.

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It’s done

Sit and wait, you will informed. You will receive 0.02 – 0.05 ฿ based on your social media reach.

Hurry! Complete action before 03/30/15 to receive bitcoins

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