trading (PPC/USD, PPC/BTC, XPM/BTC and others), free giveaway!


What sets us apart from the competition?

  1. Complete openness.
    Exchange accompanied by ABD Alliance LLC, New York, USA.
    Bitex plans to publish monthly profit and loss reports for all to view. This information will be important to all users and shareholders (see “crowdfunding” below).
    Access to balance information will be provided to all traders, ensuring transparency on the solvency of the market.

  2. Correct ideology.
    Cryptocurrencies, and their comparison with “fiat” currencies, is erroneous. Cryptocurrency is an analogue of securities traded on the stock exchanges, both in terms of emission and in technical and financial analysis.
    We offered the concept of “bitex index” for investors.

  3. Bitex Index
    This rating allows investors and traders to have a reference point. Bitex index is calculated based on many parameters - technical, financial and social
    (To get the index for a new or existing fork - please, contact us via

  4. Professional approach to security.
    We have learned from our competitors challenges, and have created a safe experience for our users.

  5. Crowdfunding
    The JOBS Act has enabled the use of crowdfunding), ( which is distributed under 100,000 shares. We plan to pay dividends. Also, crowdfunding participants receive additional benefits (reduced commission, the right of initiative to propose new forks). Read more here:

Now the parameters of the exchange:
Bidding is currently implemented in pairs:
Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Primecoin, Vertcoin, Darkcoin, Terracoin, Stockcoin, BitLionCoin
Standard fee for transactions - 0.2%. Currently, some pairs are free - 0%.

We have BTC/USD, LTC/USD, PPC/USD and more markets!

USD Deposits - via bank transfer.
Unfortunately for this market, there are problems of which we are all aware. So for all other deposit’s method - manually via a support, but can be accept any method, even webmoney, etc. To do this, simply create a ticket in the tech support section. The time for transfer - from 10 minutes to 24 hours, depending on the time and payment system.

After registration you will receive 10 STC to your account ( another sh*t fork :wink:

Feel free to create tickets in support section with any your ideas or wishes.
Welcome! Visit us on [size=14pt][/size].
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Has already tested BITEX. Already created some orders. Nice resource design, index served me as guide as i’m newbie in crypto currencies.

What’s STC ?

Litecoin-based scrypt fork