Bitcoin Will Never Be a Currency - It’s Something Way Weirder

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This was a great article, although the comments are awful. Is this the type of hive mind attached to Bitcoin? I know you’ve spoken of their narrow minded views before, but I personally don’t venture into their community too often to see it like this. I thought the concept the article was talking about was great, then I opened the comments and I immediately started to feel dumber for having read them.

Anyway, @peerchemist, @hrobeers, do you see the concept in this article as something Peercoin should be striving toward? I know that PeerAssets will help us to be able to create distributed corporations and organizations on the chain, but some of the things they describe in this article sound rather advanced like the decentralized internet. Is the PeerAsset protocol only one piece of the puzzle toward making this vision possible?

Also, I like that you guys seem to be designing in a modular way like described in the article, for example the fact that PeerAssets is not designed into the Peercoin protocol itself and is a completely separate entity, helping to simply things.

Indeed really good article and I fully agree with the view in there.
Blockchain tokens need a value to operate the chain securely, which means they can be traded and used as a store of value.
However, that doesn’t mean they are a currency.
What they really are is a mechanism to create trust between untrusted parties.

Yes, that is the vocal part of Bitcoin community in a nutshell. A wretched hive of scum and villainy. Money corrupts and draws out the worst of the humanity, Bitcoin proves this once again.

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