Bitcoin QT wallet

Somebody please help me before I throw my computer off the edge of a cliff!

I have spent the last 3 days trying to get my wallet to sync to no avail.
I have downloaded the bootstrap.dat file and managed to get down to 13 weeks out of date before the database became corrupt.
now i can’t get past 89 weeks without using the network to sync and the database usually becomes corrupt after a further 20 or so weeks.

I would have given up by now, however im trying to restore my wallet.dat file that has some btc on it.
Adam :’(

Can you try to use a light client like Multibit? I haven’t tried to bring a wallet.dat into one, but logically, I would think that it would be possible.

ill give it a go thanks :slight_smile:

I suggest to backup your wallet first.

Then don’t override it as it won’t help.

I suggest you backup your blockchain folder. If it becomes corrupt you can restore the last one and you save a little time.

I also take tips when you realize how much time you save :wink:


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