Bitcoin news

Bitcoin news

Bitcoin just reached another milestone in its road to legitimacy

Nasdaq will explore opportunities to implement blockchain technology in other areas of its business, a large part of which is supplying the underlying technologies that run various securities exchanges around the world. However, Peterson is worried about the current uncertainty and controversy over how Bitcoin should evolve to better handle growing transaction volumes.

Hamstrung by lack of consensus. Ouch.

Errors in financial record-keeping can be costly. “There’s really no great system in place to ensure that this is done accurately along the way and is auditable to the beginning of time,” said Nasdaq’s CIO Brad Peterson. He and his colleagues at Nasdaq think the blockchain can be essential to such a system.

Nasdaq Private Market is not a stock exchange open to the public, but a service that connects private companies with investors. However, Nasdaq stated that the blockchain initiative could ultimately be extended to record trades of stocks in public firms listed on its exchange.

sounds like what Peershares has done for an individual company.

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Vulnerability in UPnP library used by Bitcoin Core
12 October 2015