Bitcoin/Litecoin/Primecoin/Dogecoin Payment Gateway With 0% Transaction Fee is a Bitcoin, Litecoin, Primecoin, Dogecoin and Dollars online billing processor, that accept payments just as credit cards or PayPal with transaction fees of 0%, the service is anonymous, safe and secure.

Buyers can pay in Bitcoins or Litecoins and the Merchant gets Dollars instantly.


  • Free eCommerce And Magento Plugins For Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin And Primecoin

  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, Primecoin, Dogecoin and Dollars are supported

  • Callback notification to Tor sites.

  • xCoinMoney have a domain inside Tor sites.

  • Bitcoins , Litecoins and dollars are supported.

  • 100% Anonymous payment.

  • Personal and Business accounts are supported.

  • Advanced API.

  • Transfer and receive payments.

  • Sending and paying invoices.

  • Can create bitcoin, litecoin and dollars subscription.

  • Callback notification.