Bitcoin fanboy mocks PPC community effort

I believe that business card was from the conference?

haha yeah looks like it.

Ha well nice to see the business card :slight_smile: yes wad the ones I made up and was handing out… I should just add I earnt my yearly salary in one day thanks to peercoin rise so yeah invest wisely

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Any mention is publicity.

It’s a shame that some people view this as a competition. There’s plenty of room in the World for different cryptos.

Videos like this make us all look like teens just hitting puberty. As the business world is finally peeking in, not a good move for a Bitcoin enthusiast.

Yes that is very true, reflects badly on the btc guy… and that is the public image they give off about the community as a whole so serious investors will just get put off by this… tbh then could we not jump on this and make a video actually giving some information about the coins and altcoins and investing wisely… i’m kinda tempted myself to see if i can get something together as i have the same business card etc… and would just mention fcts like energy consumption in mining / securing the network…

Also a MASSIVE selling point for PPC i found from the convention was this.

Everyone says i just bought some BTC … should i hold it or sell it or what should i do??

Basically the usualy answer is yes hold it, play the long game it will just be worth more in the future as the exchange rates push the price up higher… yet you have 1btc in your wallet and in 1 years time you will still have 1btc… would you not really want to invest that in an “investment fund” or high interest earning account or the similar if it was in a bank right?? well is not Peercoin the crypto currency that is essentially that? get your coins working for you as opposed to being sat there static not doing anything?


Moral of the story?

Cats can’t read. Stop harassing your pets with a business card of any type, it’s not nice.

[quote=“ppcman, post:7, topic:1008”]Moral of the story?

Cats can’t read. Stop harassing your pets with a business card of any type, it’s not nice.[/quote]

hahaha :slight_smile:

  • Michael

Do you have some of those cards left over. I’ll take some for the Vegas conference.

Sigh, fanboys… ::slight_smile: