Bitcoin Conference Amsterdam March 18-20

International Bitcoin Conference Amsterdam
2014, 18th to 20th of March
Science Park Amsterdam

Didn’t we have somebody lined up before to do Amsterdam? Who was that?

Couldn’t find that, maybe Irritant. But I haven’t seen him for a while.
Would love to go, but travel time and ticket costs from New Zealand prohibit me from doing this.
Will be in The Netherlands in summertime, but doubt that there will be any meetings during seasonal holidays.

do we need to draw some funds together to send some one?? or subsidise them?

I would love to go, also to the one in Berlin but I am just too busy to make the commitment to attend conferences at the moment. Perhaps Eugine or Mcgin are up for attending another, the travel and hotel to berlin i was looking at was £200 or about 50 PPC so it is affordable. Though we have many countries represented here on forums.


I would be happy to help out. The only problem is that I don’t know enough about Peercoin and cryptocurrencies, so I’m not really the right man for the job. I’ll say hi when I go to the conference :slight_smile:

Almost forgot about this. We still need somebody to attend for us.

We only have about a month left before this. Can anyone go?