Best way to get list of all the unique PPC addreses in blockchain?

what’s the best way to get a list of all the unique PPC addresses currently in the block chain?

Can you elaborate on that? They are listed here:
but you can pull them from the blockchain DB.

I’d like to get a complete list of all of the public addresses from the blockchain DB that have ever had funds in them, that have fund in them now, and the last time they were involved in a transaction.

Basically I need the equivalent backend functionality of the website site you just posted that reads the blockchain DB and spits out data to build out those snapshots of trivia

You can try and ask the blockchain admin to give you the SQL dump, or you can modify ABE to run Peercoin and create your own DB:

Ah thank you -I knew I’d seen something like bitcoin ABE before, but couldn’t remember what it was. That looks like it could work.

Intriguing…let me know how the models turn out. I have a suspicion about what you’ve got in mind, but it’s purely speculation. Could it have something to do with “zeroed addresses” and transaction frequency?

Hey Ben working on two things together- the first goal is to understand the block chain a bit better and how PPC is currently distributed. What are your thoughts on trans frequency and zeroed addresses?

I hope to use that info to help with a plan to give our community a bit of a shot in the arm, and create a path work together to discover answers to some of the questions that have been floating around for the past while like

  1.  Questions about the coin

a. What long term effect will the transaction fee have?
b. Will proof of stake really work over time?
c. Will the coin really work at a large scale?
d. How do we convince people to see this coin as a “store of value”?

  1.  Help with Dev coin

a. How do we recruit and retain the best quality small circle of devs to help SK dev the coin

  1.  Help with marketing and distribution

a. We need help with marketing, media and all other support systems. How do we recruit a meaningful number of dedicated high energy creative people?

I hope to get into this bitcoin able code this weekend and start exploring the block chain. If that happens we’ll see where we go from there!

EDIT: Actually is this what you’re looking for? (20mb compressed - 52mb uncompressed). I realized the parser can do what you need without modification. This is up to block 97796 with 19259 addresses with non zero balance and 326209 total addresses.

Top Few Rows:

                Balance                                  Hash160                             Base58   nbIn lastTimeIn                 nbOut lastTimeOut
        1950541.86000000 f7d83a12f67e72702139c26d7a4283ac8be0dd6f PXBf64T4gqKcn7Kruw75X8V5yeci34HG92     27 Fri Feb 21 19:21:37 2014      12 Fri Feb 21 19:21:37 2014
         937607.91000000 91d86054240f8ed65a1d158ea823a4cf82cd2e2d PMtLLsn9RrzCAMMwp9mVXL2Ve9nfB9gTgs      1 Wed Sep  4 21:33:45 2013       0 Thu Jan  1 00:00:00 1970
         546920.13000000 035c92e0cc900d420f53e7e86682d333c8a11860 P8tx5ggfB6T873N4ubwSnTCZxXGEX1Nf9E  33061 Sat Feb 22 03:58:06 2014   23138 Sat Feb 22 03:58:06 2014
         409496.39000000 291fbc13ddbf7252cddadfaa13ea42a33972bc64 PCLcsoV58jNkWqj2iPQWBhxC9itumqZJzo   2176 Mon Feb  3 22:09:46 2014    1588 Mon Feb  3 22:09:46 2014
         399487.14000000 ee90ab97354ea9a80a90375f95d492510de4c6ab PWLbHVhzwjTi21PFn32h42x1y2DbjPaWFi     13 Thu Jan 30 14:31:25 2014       6 Thu Jan 30 14:31:25 2014
         377126.84979100 fc6ef5e782d4a11a0dac5eb6094500ea34c89437 PXbvMzM1w3Y3Ft6BzR9BFkoapY5rghvT6J    206 Fri Feb 21 12:02:30 2014     172 Fri Feb 21 12:02:30 2014
         303404.16300000 a0382eb1187b5040d35a623160aab9de5e5a63aa PPCLaHbH6CX2EbLQeSErAvbkhueP4QAof6     19 Fri Apr  5 18:43:45 2013       6 Wed Mar 27 11:59:37 2013
         295892.24153400 307e3dabbad6150b106a65a9b2f415b28fa03a29 PD1apZ1DGAwMJpWyj2aPNQvpcKCNqgeKeK    242 Wed Feb 19 18:42:27 2014     144 Wed Feb 19 18:42:27 2014
         293351.72000000 0f268b46651dc2d0741c07fc5bad57be7381f5e9 P9yHTwLSqVfc5vproGqkMpd2SqjNNVwxBm    358 Sun Feb 16 13:57:28 2014     207 Sun Feb 16 13:57:28 2014
         250195.66931000 200e0b766e13c1b6a52c5edd38d98260fd677651 PBWfbxd8TD5PZg57PUvjGLA1gDVyPZE1sC     40 Thu Jan 30 00:06:49 2014       0 Thu Jan  1 00:00:00 1970
         242562.77000000 d3cf337309b7540c16c586ff439068988b90b449 PTu7x2RjvG664on8yU45Qjiqyyph9RHMht     26 Sat Feb 22 00:56:34 2014      12 Sat Feb 22 00:56:34 2014

Depending on how your c++ is - and you only need a little bit - you should be able to modify the balances function of this blockparser I ported to peercoin to get the data you need:

Also it’s wicked fast. Here’s the help output for balances:

$ ./parser balances -h

info: starting command “allBalances”
[ul] dump the balance for all addresses that appear in the blockchain

        -h, --help              show this help message and exit
        -a INT, --atBlock=INT   only take into account transactions in blocks strictly older than <block> (default: all)
        -l INT, --limit=INT     limit output to top N balances, (default : output all addresses)
        -w INT, --withAddr=INT  only show address for top N results (default: N=500)
        -d, --detailed          also show all unspent outputs[/ul]

@IHeartCryptocoin - here’s that link that I was looking for: