Best Asic Miner i can buy for PPC at 100 dollars?

I have 100-110 dollars at paypal and since noone will bother to sell PPC for paypal i was thinking if i could mine some. Do you think it is economicaly feasible?
Also what about mining primecoins?


BTW being a noob i dont even know if an ASIC really can mine PPCs or right now it can only mine BTCs…

Hey Nuke

Yes you can use the same ASIC hardware to mine PPC as you would BTC. So any of the USB eruptors, Blades, ButterflyLabs products, KNCminer products etc can be pointed at the Peercoin network.

Primecoin does NOT use the same hashing algorithm… hence the ASIC’s will not work mining this coin, and most of if not all are CPU mining Primecoin. I would suggest u start here and mine on a pool for XPM using ur hardware u have already to get a feel for what mining is like and how to setup etc with out having to buy specialised equipment etc.

You can buy the USB miners for very cheap but do not expect a ROI on them… they are designed to be hobby and starter mining experience devices… not going to make you a millionaire!! Also I should say keep an eye on the exchange rate and difficulty.

Is very useful to see whether you should be mining PPC or mining BTC and buying PPC with it for the best return.

Hope this helps


Nuke, Don’t suppose you found anyone willing to sell for paypal yet?

ASIC miners are available for 100USD??

Does that mean that they are crap in churning out PPC? I except they make <1 PPC a day for a 100USD ASIC. Just a wild guess. Enlighten me

[quote=“triton, post:4, topic:725”]ASIC miners are available for 100USD??

Does that mean that they are crap in churning out PPC? I except they make <1 PPC a day for a 100USD ASIC. Just a wild guess. Enlighten me[/quote]

the small usb ones are about $40 now… worthless for BTC. Im not sure about ppc yet. im new here and really interested in mining PPC

In quantity, the USB ASICMiners are still viable for PPC, if you expect it to rise in the long run.

I’ll be using 8 Erupters with a Rosewill off of Raspbpi, once they get here:) (If only I had bought them when they were at their actual price, not inflated. oh well:)

It’ll be interesting to see the difference in numbers, in comparison to GPU mining from a single GTX 670 (max I have gotten is 298kh/s). I’m more interested in the aspect of mining/minting, and the cryptocurrency environment…and see what happens in a few years down the line. I do have a second motive, however, for doing this.

I’m an fault analyst by trade, but I’m actually looking to use this endeavour of teaching myself how to put these together, and creating a workshop in my area for underprivileged kids that are interested in computers. This way, they can see all of the things that they can do, without the latest and greatest hardware. Perhaps give them a bit more interest in coding, programming, whatnot. To see a simple, small board put together and accomplish something, I think, would be very inspiring.

Since I got a way bit off track there:))

Erupters in this market are running at mid 40-60 range (USD), and will net you only around 336 per. It is significantly less expensive than the box alternatives. If you aren’t looking to absolutley roflstomp through coin gathering, that would be a good way to get started, and see if it was something that interested you enough to invest more. From there, you can also look into contracting time from someone’s rig, or possibly butterflylabs rental program per GH.

With 100 to spend, however, you will not become the next Donald Trump:)

You mean the erupters shall generate 336 ppc per month? Where do I get these erupters? I’m based in Hong KOng though.

How much do the USD ASIC miners generate per day for PPC?

No, that’s the speed at which they can run (336 mh)

It depends on what type, how many, and a multitude of variables. If you are looking to generate a specific, set amount, you might be looking for very specific (and a lot more expensive) hardware.

hum… im considering the usb asic… would need a usb hub and i think five would be the minimum to make a decent mining rig for a beginner. $100 is about what i have and that would just get you started i would say get one or two usb asics and the hub.

I thought peercoin and primecoin were the same thing ??? Hmmm
oh well any way what I would really like to know is this — Can i mine ppc with a 400Gh/s hashfast baby jet ?
thing is I am buying one and bitcoin is crap now so it will not be useful for that . need to use it to mine something else profitable so it must be something that does not use a lot of power to mine and still makes profit .

Also if anyone knows although this is not the right venue for this question , is it possible to mine namecoin by it’s self or must it still be merge mined with btc ?

Also is there a good mining calculator for ppc ? one that will allow me to put on 400Gh/s . the one I found only allowed Mh/s and putting in 400,000,000,000,000,000 Mh/s did not compute with it
thanks for your answers in advance

Your Hashfast rig will mine PPC, no problem there. As for what you can expect, if you use my hash rate and daily yield as a comparison, it should get you in the ballpark.

195 GH/s on the D7 mining pool: 17.69521889 PPC / day

So running ~400 GH/s will net you somewhere in the neighborhood of 39 - 41 PPC per day, at the current difficulty (28,893,016.517580). Note, it’s been going down slightly every block, presumably as people shift their hashing power back to BTC because of the changes in prices over the last couple of days.