BEGINNERS: Want to know about AltCoins? Few Lines On it!


Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency! There are actually hundreds of types of cryptocurrencies known as altcoins. The word “altcoin” is an abbreviation of “Bitcoin alternative,” and thus describes every single cryptocurrency except for Bitcoin.

=> Just like with the Bitcoin, all AltCoins are decentralized and created to only exist in a predetermined amount, which have to be mined out by users in order to circulate in the system.

=> Their value is heavily determined by the market and its branding abilities.

Invest in Altcoins

=> Good investment to invest in some AltCoins as there is no doubt that they do increase significantly in value.

=> To avoid losing all your money focus on long-term investments in coins, you believe have immense potential and exhibit overall health.


The DogeCoin which was created out of the popular Doge meme increased 935% in value the first week after its release, making a good profit for those who owned it from the start.

Want To Buy AltCoins

=> You will need to buy some before you can trade for altcoins.

=> Some of the most-trafficked exchanges include BTER,Poloniex, Bittrex, Cryptsy, and BTC38.

Shopping Via AltCoins

There are multiple online stores which accept ‘Altcoins’. The number of the online stores which accept ‘Altcoins’ are gradually increasing for the customer’s facilitation.

Note=> Mintpall

In October 2014, the company operating Mintpal, Moolah, said that Mintpal is shutting down.

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