Bathhouse of Peercoin

Greetings to our entire large Peercoin community! Today I would like to provide you with more information about the House of Peercoin project, its future and the proposal of a new project, which is a continuation.

At the moment, the House of Peercoin project is coming to its logical conclusion: by the end of the year, the house will be fully ready. Now I have the means for interior decoration, heating and electrification.

I planned to order furniture and household electrical appliances, but there are not enough funds for all this. My main desire remains the following: to finish the project and record a New Year’s video message to all members of our community.

I am outside politics, but I want you to understand that I do not support Russia’s actions. My project is an island of anarchism where everyone can be themselves.

I have a project to create a Bathhouse of Peercoin - a modern bath complex with a swimming pool, sauna, billiards and a relaxation room. The very place where anarchists could take a break from the news and spend time usefully.

This is the place where anyone can fully relax and share their thoughts.

What is the essence of this project - I will buy building materials and hire workers ONLY with the help of the Peercoin cryptocurrency. There will be no exchange options for Bitcoin, Dollars, Rubles, etc. Only Peercoin, only hardcore.

This will be a new page for Peercoin and if you can support me, I will do my best to let the whole world know about Peercoin.

As an example of what will happen in the end, I want to show you this video: DropMeFiles – free one-click file sharing service


In what city is your hotel?

Russia, Arkhangelsk region, Konosha

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looks interesting…